The Bank should signal it will act if higher prices look likely to translate to higher inflation rate.
The Article, 1 July 2021
Unless CEOs and their boards are clear about their own values, and those of the companies they run, they will fall down a rabbit hole of confusion.
Financial Times, 9 June 2021
The IMF's Fiscal Monitor is actually quite radical.
The Article, 16 April 2021
Spare a thought for finance ministers, and the opposition counterparts who aspire to replace them. The conventional wisdom was that they should at least make an attempt to follow fiscal rules. Now, there are no rules.
The Article, 4 March 2021
My letter in the Financial Times on the need for a framework for economic policy decision-making.
Financial Times, 23 February 2021
Press announcement from the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.
Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church
My contribution to Aftershock, Policy Network's series on the pandemic. Progressives have much to learn from ethical or 'ESG' investors.
Policy Network, 1 October 2020
Responding to Brian Griffiths' article in The Article on the risks of inflation.
The Article, 14 August 2020


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Until recently I was the Chief Investment Officer at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church and Epworth Investment Management. I'm also the Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left and I chaired Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party for 11 years. My views here represent my personal opinion.

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