We continue to be fascinated by Winston Churchill. We face nothing like the same peril as a nation as in 1940, but perhaps we sense something missing from our leaders. A new film sheds some light on why.
Christians on the Left
My response for the Fabian Society on the Budget, and those forecast downgrades from the OBR.
Fabian Society, 24 November 2017
We must not be complacent about executive pay.
Citywire, 13 October 2017
My perspective on this year's Labour Conference.
Church of England Newspaper, 6 October 2017
Interviewed on the risks to the public finances, broadcast 22 July 2017.
Stephen Beer
A threadbare, unimaginative Queen’s speech leaves Theresa May’s government on the cusp of a very early demise.
Progress, 22 June 2017
LabourList, 5 June 2017
Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign.
Progress, 19 April 2017


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This site contains my articles and opinions. I'm the Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left and I chaired Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party for 11 years. I'm Chief Investment Officer at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church. My views here represent my personal opinion.

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Interviewed on TWR Radio
Interviewed on the risks to the public finances, broadcast 22 July 2017. More ...
Church investment, fossil fuels, and divestment
Interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme. More ...
Fiscal targets explained...
Labour deficit cutting - the £50bn question
Targets missed
The decline in real incomes continues
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