My lecture on the basis for Christian investing and its application to climate change. Given at the AGM of the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.
Charles Jacob Memorial Lecture, 24 April 2018
It's not just fossil fuel companies that cause climate change. Investors should focus on other industries.
Church Times, 23 February 2018
We continue to be fascinated by Winston Churchill. We face nothing like the same peril as a nation as in 1940, but perhaps we sense something missing from our leaders. A new film sheds some light on why.
Christians on the Left
A threadbare, unimaginative Queen’s speech leaves Theresa May’s government on the cusp of a very early demise.
Progress, 22 June 2017
The election of Donald Trump as the next US President means the arguments in favour of our nuclear deterrent are even more relevant.
Progress, 25 November 2016
If only humankind had not invented nuclear weapons. But we have - so what is the most effective way to prevent conflict or blackmail?
Progress, 18 July 2016
We need wise and mature leadership. We also need reconciliation.
Christians on the Left, 26 June 2016
My review of David Smith's latest book - a personal tour through the past few decades of Britain's economic history.
Progress, 18 December 2015
Looking at the Number 10 document outlining the case for action, and applying the Just War tradition.
Christians on the Left, 30 November 2015
My review of a book by Paul Mason. Stimulating on what to expect of a future networked world and the fundamental challenges to capitalism. But I wasn't convinced about the relevance of Marx, the focus of most of the book.
Progress, 8 October 2015
My review of a short book making a strong case for better thinking on defence.
Progress, 2 September 2015
An illuminating account.
Progress, 9 July 2015
Following the vote for military action in Iraq, there is much more to consider and do. Labour has a key responsibility as well as the government.
The Tablet
Parliament debates intervention in Iraq to combat ISIS with questions to address, including the plight of minorities and the question of Syria.
Progress, 26 September 2014
Thinking through the issues that Parliament will debate.
Christians on the Left, 26 September 2014
Why I am proposing a Contemporary Resolution to Labour Conference calling for firm action to protect minorities in Iraq.
Christians on the Left, 18 September 2014
My review of Martin Wolf's new book on global economic challenges after the financial crisis.
Progress, 18 September 2014
How would Labour work within NATO, and deal with the various threats to our security and to the lives of innocent people?
Progress, 4 September 2014
Why we need leadership in foreign and defence policy, and now. And we need more action urgently to prevent further disaster in Iraq.
Progress, 13 August 2014
Labour needs to debate defence and we need a defence policy driven by our strategic needs.
Progress, 25 July 2014
My review of a new book on the recession and its impact.
Progress, 11 June 2014
My report on this year's Progressive Governance Conference in Amsterdam and some conclusions.
Progress, 29 April 2014
How to think about whether or not to get involved militarily.
LabourList, 29 August 2013
My visit to Shell's operations in the Niger Delta.
Methodist Recorder, 9 November 2012
I review Anatole Kaletsky's book on the changes happening to capitalism.
Third Way, March 2011
My review of Beyond the Crash by Gordon Brown
Tribune, 14 January 2010
My review of Labour’s Revival: The Modernisers’ Manifesto by Paul Richards
Tribune, December 2010
The Tories will again spread discord and disharmony if they win power
Tribune, 19 April 2010
Is America ‘ready’ for a black president? For the first time, there is a significant probability that the next President of the United States will be either a woman or a black man. But does Barack Obama have what it takes to be his country’s President?
Book Review of In Defence of Atheism: The case against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Michel Onfray. Serpents Tail, 2007.
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