Vauxhall Labour campaigns hard in the London elections

A big thank you to all Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party members who campaigned so hard in the London elections.  We had many people out talking to voters during the campaign and on the election day itself.  I know from campaigning with all our branches that we shared a great spirit (which was combined with some formidable organisation by Alex Baker, our campaigns vice chair).  Our efforts were rewarded by an increased result for our local London Assembly member, Val Shawcross, who was re-elected with a majority of 52,702 (52.8% of the vote).  The Conservatives came in second place and the Liberal Democrat vote, well behind, was almost level with the Greens. The Lambeth & Southwark constituency voted for Ken Livingstone as mayor by a 30,477 majority on first preferences.  Turnout was 37%.

Stephen Beer canvassing in Ova

The overall London result in the mayoral election was disappointing of course but Labour has won an extra four London Assembly members.  Their task now is to live up to the mandate Londoners have given them to subject the mayor's policies and actions to close scrutiny.

Stephen Beer, 07/05/2012


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