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Stephen Beer leaves the CFB 

After 27 years of service, Stephen Beer, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Ethics, is leaving the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church and Epworth Investment Management to pursue new challenges.

Stephen leaves the CFB and Epworth with an outstanding track record of leadership in investment management, investment strategy, and ethical/ESG investment. He has led the investment team through a significant period of transformation, as the CFB and Epworth have modernised their investment processes, refined their research and portfolio construction approach, adapted to new regulations, served changing pension fund needs, and successfully launched and managed new ESG funds for the charity sector.

Stephen is well known for his commitment to, and knowledge of, ethical investment and has led many initiatives in this area.  These include pioneering work bringing global mining chief executives and church leaders together to work out how mining can benefit all communities, our range of ethical investment policies, and one of the most comprehensive assessments of the oil and gas sector in the light of climate change, together with wider work towards net zero portfolios. The CFB, Epworth, and their clients have benefited from Stephen’s ability to bring together investment theory and experience, ethics, ESG analysis, company engagement, and an understanding of economic strategy and policy.

David Palmer, CEO, said:
It is no exaggeration to say that Stephen will be much missed and we thank him for his strong commitment to the CFB and Epworth. As Stephen moves to new ventures we will build on his legacy, and we wish him the very best for the future.”

This press announcement was first posted at: on 18 January 2021.

Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church, 18/01/2021

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